“Karl, der Raumschiff” (engl.: Karl, the Maleship) is a hobby project we (Thomas Fuchsmann, Daniel Klier and I) started in 2010. It is a 2.5D side scrolling action adventure with comic style characters and environment.

To evaluate what was would technically be possible, I wrote a game object system and different render systems (forward, deferred) based on XNA/DirectX 9. I also created a few 3D models to have something to work with. In this way we were able to see how the game might look like. Thankfully Valentin Schwind helped us out and created an awesome 3D model for Karl, our protagonist. He also did a full set of texture maps (diffuse, normal, specular and glossy) so I had a nice test case for the render system (which supports all of the maps, of course!).

To reinforce the comic style of Karl and other characters in our game, I developed a “Flex” vertex shader. This allows characters (or any other object in our game) to squeeze and stretch automatically while moving.

The game object system allows easily adjust the behavior of objects via components. To control an object with the keyboard/game pad, just add a Controller component to it. To make an object squeeze and stretch while moving, add a Flex component to it, and so on…. Daniel added Body and Collision components to integrate the Farseer Physics Engine. All of these components can be seen in action at our tech demo video from 2012:

We discontinued to work on the project in 2013 due to time issues and changed interests in part of the team.

Karl, der Raumschiff
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