I am a software engineer at Microsoft/Havok and a PhD candidate of the “Promotionskolleg Digital Media” (a cooperation between the University of Stuttgart and the Stuttgart Media University). As part of the Human-Computer-Interaction group at the University of Stuttgart I am doing research with the focus on wearable devices. I started my educational journey back in 2003 by studying Media Computer Science at the Stuttgart Media University with a focus on real-time computer graphics and procedural animation. During the course of my studies, I completed a 6 month internship at IBM Research and Development successfully. I graduated with honors in 2009.

After that I worked for the BW-eLabs research project. I used my knowledge in real-time computer graphics to develop and implement 3D visualizations of laboratories for simulated and remote control. Additionally I gave lectures on game development at the Stuttgart Media University.

With the beginning of my PhD studies in 2012, I had the pleasure to enjoy a 3 month internship within the Sensors and Devices Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. It increased my skills in building embedded hardware and software a lot.

This enabled me to create Blidgets, a Bluetooth Low Energy prototyping platform. In 2015 I joined the meSch research project to incorporate support for the Blidgets platform into the meSchup server. Since then Blidgets became an inherent part of the meSch kits (v1, v2).

To sum up, the experience I have gained up to now includes:

  • software development
    (Assembler, C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript / TypeScript, Lua, …)
  • real time computer graphics
    (DirectX, OpenGL (ES), OGRE, XNA, Cg (C for Graphics), HLSL, …)
  • mobile application development
    (Android, Windows Phone)
  • creating and programming embedded hardware
    (Atmel ATtiny, ARM Cortex M0 and M3, nRF51822, Arduino, Teensy, mbed, nodemcu, Raspberry Pi, …)
  • modelling and printing 3D enclosures, tools and other things
    (Autodesk Inventor, Blender)
  • Human Computer Interaction
    (empiric studies, building research prototypes, …)
  • all the tools, operating systems and platforms involved, of course…
    (Visual Studio, Android Studio, eclipse, ARM Keil, CadSoft Eagle, …)

Whenever I am not creating interactive software or hardware, I enjoy baking bread, learning about game design or riding my bicycle.


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